pH therapy slowly regain the healthy skin pH by multiple steps of treatment in 2cyles of epidermis (≒2months).

Skin surface pH increases by aging, various exogenous and endogenous factors.

The function of the skin barrier, enzymes,and metabolic factors decrease in high pH and skin microflora affects. 

pH therapy is for;

- Gradually cleaning by soft melting the surface of the skin.

- Preparing the skin surface for helping absorbance of active ingredients. 

- Reducing the stress of skin in time-dependent therapy follows 2 cycles of skin..


pH THERAPY is a 2months gradual improvement program for enhancing 

the function of the epidermal barrier by soft exfoliating, purifying, 

regenerating, and maintaining the pH of the epidermis by following 2cycles of skin.

  • pH conditioned treatment for healthy skin barrier
  • Ligand conditioned treatment for skin revitalizing
  • Stabilizing the function of skin by improving skin problem
  • Microbiome conditioned treatment for skin immunity

pH therapy skincare which in turn minimizes inflammation and redness, stabilizes the microbiome, reduces dryness, and maintains integrity of the skin. 

pH therapy are formulated to the optimal pH for efficacy, safety, and biocompatibility.

The Serums are the purest formulations, they are designed to treat specific skin imbalances 

(dehydrated, devitalized, fine lined and seborrheic skin, etc.). 

The serums can be used alone or combined together for the best result. 

Remodeling ‘Face Machine’ can be used to optimize their effect during treatment in a beauty center. 

pH therapy are specifically formulated for different skin types and the formulations are developed for enhancing absorption of active ingredients.  

Each specific serums are formulated to be adopted in each skin condition. 

The skin is improved by treatment of each serum care and it renews the skin about two epidermal cycles, for a gentle effective nutriments process.

The specific formulations of each serum are developed in skin friendly composition, which is minimized skin irritation, and slowly improves skin health rather than for instant effect with stressful conditions, to be followed fluxomics of skin metabolomics to attempt subtle change. 

Targeting Stratum corneum (SC) to dermis multi acid skin therapy.

A program for skin barrier care and dermal regeneration procedures.

Skin lipid

The skin lipid consists of ceramide , cholesterol , and fatty acids , 

and has a lamellar structure in which several layers are stacked on top of one another


 Is an outermost layer of epidermis , consisting of corneocytesand lipids 

 accumulate like a brick and mortar structure . 

Skin NEEDS a 4 step process: wash, prep, then treat and protect the moisture barrier.

But, if your skin is experiencing issues it is almost always because the layers of your skin are disrupted – so focus on helping your epidermis shed 

with exfoliation, then rebalancing the pH of the acid mantle, and protecting with lipids is the routine we all need. 

Skin is like a sponge. Cream on a brittle dry sponge won’t absorb. But if you wet the sponge, the cream will sink in.

Similarly, large pores are commonly a dry skin issue, like dry earth with cracks. 

Reducing moisture exacerbates it, but proper levels let good in and keep bad out, with no cracks or divots.

but  based on skin condition, personalized prescription serums are developed to specific skin, you can choose the right serum.